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21.04.2018 - Atlantis falls!

Our latest single The Fall of Atlantis is now availble on:

The Fall of Atlantis

06.02.2018 - Thank you so very much, Katse!

Video footage and photos of our gig at Katse are now online! It was a joy to perform in such place to such amount of people. The liquid backstage offerings were also well received. Be sure to check our YouTube channel for new live stuff!

25.01.2018 - Freedom!!!

Our latest single Freedom Chaser is now availble on:

Freedom Chaser

28.10.2017 - Thank you, Freetime!

Not much to add to the title. We had a blast and hopefully you did too! Photos were taken and video was shot so there might be some audiovisual material popping up in the near future...

03.10.2017 - Single progress!

After some equipment issues and delays, all guitar recordings, including bass, for the new upcoming single are finally done! Next up: vocals.
We are also rehearsing steadily for our upcoming show at Freetime and things are starting to come together quite nicely. See you there!

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