Everlore / Race for the Sun

Music: Juuso Virnes
Lyrics: Juuso Virnes

No time to waste, there's a day for me to seize
I have a dream and now it's time to set it free
No locks or chains exist in my mind anymore
My will is strong and will be strong for evermore

See how I run
Once I was losing myself
Abusing myself

On this ocean of changes
We all struggle to find
something to keep our hopes alive
and reaching for the skies

On this ocean of madness
We are drifting along
To find a place to belong
and some peace of mind, I run!

Race for the sun
My sins come undone one day
And today I run
Race for the sun!
Run! Race for the sun!

And now the pain is almost gone
No longer does this shadow claim me whole
Resolute I stride upon this endless stream of light
And harbour all that was, never to be again!

My story begins
Once I was breaking myself
Degrading myself

Solo: Virnes

Solo: Pettersson

The story goes on
No more abusing myself
I've broken the spell