Everlore / Innocence

Music: Juuso Virnes
Lyrics: Juuso Virnes

By god, once I had the flame
When did my life turn this way?

Take me to my past again to see
The golden days of youth
Innocence and dreams of silver
Now rusted in the rain

When did I begin to see
the hatred and the misery
that drives my world into the sea
again and again
My innocence will live to die again
just to die and live again
just when I believed in me

God damn, I know things have to change
Nothing will ever stay the same

Feeling more confused as time goes by
The darkened days of now
I know I have to find the way
Back to my flame

Solo: Virnes

Solo: Virnes / Pettersson

If I take this path again
It'll take me all the way again
If I go and start again
It'll take me back again and again
Again and again
Again and again!